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A handicraft and ancestral know-how

Lareymondie artisans did not learn their craft overnight. They represent generations of learning.

They have depth of knowledge in the morphology of the foot and the leg, and longtime familiarity with the finest leathers in all their variants. They’ve put in years of practice honing their skills in handcrafting each piece. For all of us here, this is a labor of love.

This is why the House of Lareymondie offers made to order services.

It is when you enter the bootmaker’s workshop that you grasp the extent of this handicraft know-how. Creators’ silence reigns, only slightly punctuated by manual tools. No machines here. In order to create a pair of boots or shoes, the craftsman sometimes works up to 50 hours and respects various stages: taking size, creating the pattern, making the stem, cutting the leather, assembly, pricking, laying the sole, creation of the shoetree, soaking, lustring.

“Creators’ silence reigns, only slightly punctuated by manual tools.”

“It takes only minutes to describe the process but days, weeks and months to finish. And with Lareymondie Couture shoes, it’s worth every minute, because they last a lifetime and beyond.”

Made to order 

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5 to 8 weeks
Hand made in France

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